Minor Ailments Clinic

Fairlee Pharmacy has a long list of minor illnesses that we can take care of. We offer both NHS and private treatments that cover a variety of minor ailments in Clapham, London, and our contemporary equipment enables us to prescribe effectively.


Why come to Fairlee Pharmacy?

You won’t need to see your doctor for treatment if you use Fairlee’s service for minor ailments. It is practical and helps you save both time and money. Typically, you can use this service without making an appointment. Even if you make an appointment, you won’t have to wait as long as you would normally when visiting your doctor.

Another advantage of this service is that it lessens the burden on GPs and A&E departments. Therefore, visiting a doctor to receive treatment for lower back pain or a cough is not necessary.

Most of the GPs in the United Kingdom now refer their patients to their closest pharmacy to access treatment for minor ailments in Clapham, London. This means you don’t have to waste your precious time travelling to your GP and instead you can come directly to us for treatment.

We pride ourselves on professionally trained pharmacists who can offer these treatments efficiently. We also know when to send you to a GP or A&E for further assessment or treatment if the need arises.


Minor ailments in Clapham, London


Visit Fairlee Pharmacy for minor ailments in Clapham, London

If you prefer to be discrete, we have a private consultation room to ensure total privacy.


Minor Ailments Scheme

As an established service in Clapham, London, we offer advice and appropriate treatment for the following minor conditions without the need for an appointment with your GP.

– athlete’s foot
– backache
– cold sores
– constipation
– cough
– diarrhoea
– ear ache
– eczema and allergies
– haemorrhoids (piles)
hay fever
– headache
– head lice
– indigestion
– mouth ulcers
– nasal congestion
– pain
– period pain
– thrush
– sore throat
– threadworms
– warts and verrucae

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