Free NHS Blood Pressure Checks

NHS blood pressure checks in Clapham, London are simple. It’s an easy way of checking whether your blood pressure is too low or too high. The amount of pressure the blood inserts from the heart while pushing through the arteries when pumped into the rest of the body parts is called Blood pressure.


What is high or low blood pressure?

The pressure can either be low or high. When the pressure is high, it’s High blood pressure, commonly known as Hypertension. This is a very dangerous situation. It’s critical as it can be strenuous on certain body organs and arteries. The result of Hypertension is developing certain conditions like heart attacks and stroke.

When the pressure is low, it’s called Hypotension or Low blood pressure. Hypotension may not be as serious as Hypertension. However, it can lead to dizziness, thus resulting in fainting.

The best place for having a blood pressure check is Fairlee Pharmacy. It provides the opportunity to detect your blood situation, whether high or low.

Since most people don’t show any signs or symptoms, it’s advisable to visit Fairlee’s qualified personnel to check on your pressure through a check.


NHS Blood pressure checks in Clapham, London


When should you have NHS blood pressure checks?

Fairlee Pharmacy is always at your service. Contact us today and get in touch with our qualified medical team, who will advise you accordingly.

Blood pressure is a serious concern for those above 40 years of age. That’s why it’s advisable that you get your blood pressure checked at least every five years.

In doing so, the medical experts can detect any potential issues at an early stage.


How to control your blood pressure

Whenever the blood pressure results are too high or too low, the medical experts will give you professional advice on control, which include;

– Medication, using drugs like calcium channel blockers
– Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet
– Maintaining regular exercise
– Controlling Alcohol Consumption
– Stopping the use of Narcotic drugs

If the symptom persists, we will refer you to a cardiologist for further treatment.

For more information about NHS blood pressure checks in Clapham, London, contact or visit Fairlee Pharmacy.


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