Private Blood Testing

In-store private blood testing in Clapham, London is available at Fairlee Pharmacy to help you maintain control over your health.


Why get private blood testing in Clapham, London?

There are numerous reasons for choosing to undergo private blood testing, including the following:

– With the help of private blood tests, you can take charge of your health. You may choose a healthy lifestyle by being knowledgeable about your health markers.
– Going private enables you to skip GP wait periods for both collecting samples and receiving results for routine tests.
– You may not always be able to have screening tests through the NHS.
– Based on the health history or lifestyle of your family, you might have a specific health cause.
– Gain assurance and peace of mind.

A specialist trained to draw blood samples is referred to as a phlebotomist. Phlebotomists are employed by hospitals, clinics, and the NHS’s Give Blood programme.

You may rely on our secure and professional phlebotomy service no matter your reasons for needing a private blood test.


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Private blood testing in Clapham, London

We at Fairlee Pharmacy are happy to provide this service for our clients. Blood tests provide information about your health that might help you maintain good health because prevention is always better than treatment.

The specified tests will determine how much this service will cost.

There are a nearly endless number of blood tests that can be performed. Do you have a specific test in mind, such as a fertility panel or blood sugar check? Please get in touch with the pharmacist so we can check if we can set up that specific test for you.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to draw blood but use a home blood test service like Thriva or Vitall, we might be able to collect the samples for you. Please check with the pharmacist to see if this service is still offered.


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